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Style biting. Hashtag swag is dead. Will.i.am

Dear will.i.am,
Mr. .am

Yea I did it first. And then ALL of a sudden all these other rappers, musicians and now corporate entities - MLB baseball being one - are hashtaging outside of twitter.

I dropped #waiting in the spring and already hashtaging seems irrelevant, in part because now topics on twitter can trend sans the beloved pound sign. So will.i.am does the shit and people will say its genius blah bla blah. And marketing execs and college age interns will make portfolios and poster board pitching stupid ass ideas surrounding the hashtag. All I can say is get used to it. The built in hashtag is the new MySpace. #smh some #people just ain’t trendy, #smh or #creative, but alas, let the commercial fawning begin.
“How can we utilize social media to further our reach?” *white exec voice.

That’s why I am not titling my next project with a hashtag. I’ll think of something, but it won’t be that. The hashtag is dead, we are just still #waiting on the obituary.

Still Waiting coming soon.

Oreos for breakfast.

Max Burgundy



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